UK governments have failed to support organic farming

UK at the bottom of the European league table for organic farming

Corn prices will continue to rise

to be flippant here (defiant in the face of constant bad news on food prices) … this doesn’t affect me, as we don’t buy factory-processed food. the only corn I eat is a couple of cobs in the autumn grown in the garden - if I can get to them before the rabbits. some of our young like CocaCola, but in my view it would be wonderful if the price of that shot up, then they might seriously consider giving it up (or not)

Mexico goes back to the land

the world is bonkers. too many peasants, move them off the land, then find your country doesn’t produce enough food, import it, then find your country can’t afford to, then watch 20% of your population emigrate. then let the farmers solve the mess the government has made, and things slowly start to improve.

(btw, some of this mess was encouraged by western government interference)

Freegan charged with theft

I’m not brave enough to be a freegan. Also, the supermarkets in Henley keep their bins hidden, and I think it defeats the object of the exercise to be travelling to the next town. But - sorry if I sound like Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells - you’d think the police had better things to do than arrest some nice woman taking what the supermarkets criminally throw away. Grrrr

Pig farmers warn of pork price rise as their feed costs soar

more depressing news, this from The Observer


Weekly photograph of cross-section of sandwiches. Really delicious sandwiches. Thanks to Michael Pollan for the link |

Great co-op bakery, currently raising money through loans - the interest in repayable in bread and bread-making courses. Inspirational

Paté de Foie- a peppery pork liver, fresh bacon & potato paté | Camont: Kate Hill's Gascon Kitchen

No need to keep this is a power-hungry fridge. Clear instructions about how to process the jar of pate so that it is shelf stable.

Tips on writing from Steven Johnson, ie., an actual successful writer | Oliver Burkeman

Useful ideas. Oliver Burkeman’s column in the Guardian is often quite useful.

Leatherhead’s top food and drink trends for 2011

UK trends forecast …. slightly sinister stuff